Is there still need for the capital punishment?

Make a proposal argument of your choosing.  Your proposal should address an issue/problem that is relevant to a) the Saddleback College community, b) your local community, c) your family, d) the United States and/or the global community, or e) a particular community of people with a particular shared stake in the issue.   This is the longest essay (3000+ words, 8-12 pages) you’ll write this semester, incorporating a minimum of seven (7) sources, so it is critical not only that you locate a topic you’re genuinely interested in learning more about, but also that it is a topic already involved in public debate (i.e., there are people out there researching and/or discussing this so that there will be ample sources for your research).   Audience: Your audience may be very specific or it might be more general, but whatever the case it should consist of people with something at stake in the issue at hand, for whom the issue is timely and relevant.  Proposal arguments are very audience focused and so identifying an appropriate audience (whether as large as a national or global readership or as small as a single individual) will be as important as (and inextricable from) identifying the topic itself.

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Is there still need for the capital punishment?
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