Write a full-fledged essay on any one of the topics. Make use of the close reading essay rules as taught in class with a proper thesis statement and supporting evidence from the text with intext citations. Have a proper topic sentence in every paragraph and support it with details and apt quotations from the text. Weave quotations smoothly into your text. End with a well-rounded conclusion. Do not summarize the plot, and write the essay in present tense. Underline or highlight your thesis and topic sentences. Upload the final exam essay on Blackboard by November 16th, 10:00 p.m. 1. Discuss the effects of Iran Iraq war on Iranians as depicted in Persepolis. 2. Discuss the effects of state surveillance on Iranians as depicted in Persepolis. 3. Discuss young Marji’s ‘culture shock’ in Austria as depicted in Persepolis and its consequences. 4. Discuss the depiction of Iranian women in Persepolis

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