Amazon supply chain management

Elaborate 2 pages Analysis, and an additional 1 page with a short recommendation (2 paragraphs), and 1 paragraph conclusion for a total of 3 Pages (1 page with the analysis of each question = 2 pages and 1 page with the recommendations and conclusion) regarding the case with the analysis of the two questions stated below. I have included the problem statement for your references. (Single spaced and 12pt font, Citations must be referenced according to APA style.) Due Date Monday November 16 by 12:00 PM US Easter Time.   ·       Analysis – apply logistics and supply chain models, course content, and outside research to support your position; logically discuss options, implications and tradeoffs (2 pages) ·       Recommendations and Conclusions – these should be your recommendations regarding how the organization should deal with the problem; they should be fully supported by the Analysis section (one page) Analysis Questions 1. Review Amazon’s supply chain.  How is Amazon’s supply chain different from that of traditional brick‐and‐mortar retailers?  2.What are the key advantages to the structure of Amazon’s supply chain and the company’s management of its supply chain operations?  Support your analysis with date from the case.   Problem Statement As Amazon’s rapid growth continues to occur, the company must develop a plan to optimize their supply chain in a way that supports its growth.

Amazon COM Supply Chain ManagementAmazon COM Supply Chain Management

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Amazon supply chain management
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