Fashion & Sustainability: Real Fur vs. Faux Fur

I am in need of a literature review on the topic fashion in regards to sustainability. We were allowed to pick our own subject in relation to this, I decided to critically analyse any literature in regards to the debate between which is more important to consider; the moral issues of the use of real fur in the fashion industry or the environmental issues faced in regards to the use of Faux fur and which is worse in the long run. We do not have to propose solutions to these issues just critically analyse the topic and the relevant literature.  Learning Objectives for the research project/literature review; LO1: Define, execute and evaluate a negotiated research question using appropriate research methodologies  LO2: Critically evaluate, interpret, and contextualise the research  LO3: Take an intellectual, strategic, and critical approach to the planning and management of an independently led project  LO4: Communicate complex intellectual concepts in an appropriate format that meets academic protocol, and takes a creative approach to the dissemination of new ideas within a defined context.

LR Instructions

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Fashion & Sustainability: Real Fur vs. Faux Fur
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