The Great Berber Revolt

STRUCTURE Your essay should start with the topic’s origins, and describe chronologically its existence. Example: if your topic is Alexander’s horse Bucephalus, you would begin by writing about the origins of Bucaphales, describe how he came to be Alexander’s horse, tell the story of his life, and conclude with his death.    SOURCE REQUIREMENTS All sources (minimum of 3) must be credible academic sources.    For this essay, keep in mind the following source requirements:  No more than one encyclopedia entry (this includes online and physical encyclopedias) Academic journal articles are generally good Try and find at least one book (either print or available online, through the library or elsewhere) Bonus points for students who use at least one primary source. Note: the source must fit the subject. Points are awarded at the discretion of the Professor.      FORMAT Length: 4-6 typed double-spaced pages Submission Filetype: PDF Font: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 point Line spacing: double Margins: One-inch Margin Sources: Academic and credible, at least 3  Citations: MLA or APA format (you choose)

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The Great Berber Revolt
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