Individual Business Logistics Plan

Details  The aim of this assessment task is to assess the extent to which you have understood and internalised knowledge regarding the structures, processes, systems, challenges and opportunities in international logistics and how well you can translate this knowledge into a practical business situation. It requires you to critically examine not just the systems and processes but the context within which they occur. Individually, you will ‘create’ a business organisation with international business interests and use this organisation to represent your knowledge of the complexity of international logistics operations through a Business Logistics Plan. You are required to: Create a clear identity for your organisation, including its commercial activities and locations of core operations, Clearly identify the products/services involved, Clearly map out its international logistics activities, including procurement, production, distribution, etc., Identify and discuss the challenges (potential and actual) associated with its international logistics activities, Identify and discuss the opportunities associated with the same, Clearly discuss how you would plan, implement, control, and improve your organisation’s international logistics activities for successful business operations considering the above-mentioned challenges and opportunities. Marking Guide Main contents (70%) The depth of understanding and problem recognition. Being able to formulate solutions Recognising key issues and understanding economical/technical constraints, able to develop solutions and future scenarios Use of resources with relevant literature (20%) Organisation, formatting, quality of presentation (5%) Illustration, graphs, flow, and clarity of arguments, structure, and weight of key aspects Citation practice (5%) Citing of relevant sources (10 academic references above 2010), support points by data, comprehensive coverage of all aspect


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Individual Business Logistics Plan
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