Problems that managers might face in the foreign market


The purpose of the assignment is to facilitate students to develop an understanding of the problems that managers might face in a foreign market. Students ought to apply the concepts (e.g. entry mode of a multinational enterprises) learned throughout the course to solve managerial problems arising from country-level differences. Composing the final presentation and written report should strengthen students’ ability to construct clear, concise and convincing business communication. The grades of the term project consist of: the outline (5 points), the final written report and presentation (15 points). The content of the presentation and the actual writing will be graded based on the Rubric.  Below are the tasks associated with this term project:   Step 1. Term Project Outline (Due Week 4)                 The submitted outlines were commented and graded. The company and host country selected in the outline should be the same as the term project report and presentation.   Step 2.  Parent firm-level research (Between week 5 and week 15)                 You can use the library research guide, attached in week 16 module, to conduct firm-level research. You will need to report information that is relevant to a company’s internationalization decisions. This information include but not limit to:  the company history, business activities (e.g. products, services) at home, international experience (e.g. any export or foreign direct investment activities before the current international expansion) etc.   Step 3. Subsidiary-level research (Between week 5 and week 15)                 Part 1. Subsidiary-level facts. You can use the library OneSearch, EBSCOhost, company annual report, or newspaper articles etc. to learn about the parent firm’s international activity. You should include as many as possible the following aspects of the subsidiary: host country, entry timing (year? any major economic crisis?), business activities (product or services offered in the host country), entry mode (export? joint venture? merger and acquisition? turn-key project?), international business strategy (global standardization strategy? transnational strategy?), organizational structure (matrix? by product line? by functional department?), international market exit if applicable.                  Part 2. Host country-level facts. You should discuss the host country conditions using information from the World Bank Databases, or the library OneSearch “doing business in xxx” series (simply search “doing business in xxx country” in the OneSearch). The country-level analysis frameworks can be considered are PESTLE or institutional distance framework. National level formal and informal institutional distances include economic development, marketization, political regime, legal system, culture, innovation capability, and global connectedness. Institutional Distance Framework and Data.rar                                Part 3. Your analysis and your recommendation. You should also discuss any difficulties (or achievements) this subsidiary has experienced according to the OneSearch, EBSCOhost, company annual report, and newspaper articles. Please use the information in Part 1 to explain how these strategies help the company capture opportunities and minimize risks in the foreign country. Last but not least, please comment on the parent firm’s internationalization decision and offer realistic recommendations.   Step 4. Compose a presentation in power point slides (or in other equivalent tools), and a written report in a Word document or PDF.  The final product of the term project consists of a written report and a presentation, on “Business entering a Foreign Economy”, between 500-1500 English words, 12 font, double space. APA Style for citation and attribution should be strictly followed.   Step 5. Click Submit Assignment in the upper right to choose the upload type for your assignment, Then click Submit Assignment to complete the submission. Project (written assignment and PowerPoint slides submission)

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Problems that managers might face in the foreign market
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