Ecosystems of California

To be turned in:  1. Your reflection (10 complete sentences) on the three videos you watched exploring the different ecosystems (1 point).  2. Tell me (3-5 complete sentences) the ecosystem you chose for your final project and why (1 point).  3. Provide the full, correctly formatted citation for the publication you found on your ecosystem and a short description (3-5 sentences) on what the article/publication is about (1 point).  4. Report the scientific name of the species you chose and submit the .csv file of your occurrence data that you downloaded from GBIF. You must also provide the citation from GBIF that you get when you download the data (1 point).  5. Provide a screenshot of your species occurrence map and the URL (1 point).Lab 11 Instructions Ecosystems of CA

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Ecosystems of California
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