Complementary and alternative therapy website critique

1. Surf various websites as an uneducated layperson would look for complementary and alternative therapy modalities addressing common everyday illnesses such as headaches, backaches, constipation. 2. Select 3 websites to critique. Do not use NCCIH, Quackwatch, WebMD, Mayoclinic, or any other known website. Do not use the CDC, NIH, FDA. Look on the internet in general as if you were a layperson. 3. Once you have done your research evaluate the website as an informed nurse.  4. File a website critique chart. Use the chart as a guide to facilitate your collection of data for the website critique.  5. Each section needs to be addressed: if you are unable to determine any strengths or weaknesses this must be stated in the box. 6. The worldview of the website author is rarely stated. It is up to you as the nurse researcher to determine the worldview. Discern which one of those worldviews align with the website being critiqued.

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Complementary and alternative therapy website critique
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