Diversity in Workplace

Create an Annotated Bibliography for your topic (diversity in the workplace is my topic).  Provide at least 2 references in an annotated bibliography. Your annotation should (a) summarize the reference in your own words (paraphrasing is acceptable, but copying and pasting is not), and (b) indicate how it applies/relates to your project.  See here for how to write an annotated bibliography – Purdue Owl Annotated Bibliography and follow the links on that page for example.  Your references must be peer-reviewed academic journal articles (not a blog post or someone’s opinion).  Your references can be an original research article or a review an article.  For more information on what constitutes a research article or review see: https://apus.libanswers.com/faq/2324  If you are unsure whether you have found an appropriate source, you may wish to include more than five articles to ensure you have five appropriate sources for this assignment.  You must read the articles before writing your annotation (so be sure to build in time for that).

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Diversity in Workplace
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