Theapist for criminal justice!!!!!!

My Professional profile is to open my own practice as Theapist for criminal justice!!!!!! Think about where you are on this doctoral journey and who you will be when you have completed the journey.  With this image of who you are becoming, use the Professional Profile resources to create or revise your own professional profile. Use the Selecting a Research Topic resources to develop a summary within your profile that describes your research interests. Write (due prior to the In-Residence Day 1) For this introduction discussion, present to your peers a professional introduction (about 250 words) that you might utilize for a LinkedIn profile. Be sure to include the following information: Your location and time zone Your program, and specialization if you have one 1-2 sentences (3 MAX) that explain your GENERAL area of research interest. If you don’t yet have one (which is totally fine) then share some ideas on what interests you and that is also related to your specialization (e.g. Fall prevention for older adults; Using social media to deliver social support, etc.

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Theapist for criminal justice!!!!!!
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