Death Penalty

Write a research paper on death penalty where you cite at least five articles that are peer reviewed and these have to be from the last 5 years. These articles must be cited at least once in the essay (they can be cited more than once) as follows: Each of your 5 source quotes needs the following to go with it: 1. SubTopic sentence; 2. A claim that will be supported by the quote; 3. Quote, with in-text citation; 4. Explain quote’s meaning / significance in relation to topic; 5. Qualify source – assert author expertise. In addition to these articles, other sources of information that are helpful for the essay can be used. It must be in MLA format and 10 pages long. I have some peer reviewed articles already selected that I would like them to be used in the work since I have submitted previous works on these. These articles are: ·      Appelbaum, Paul S. Dementia and the Death Penalty. Shibboleth Authentication Request, Psychiatric Services, 1, Jul., 2019. ·      Oliver, Kelly. “Death as a Penalty and the Fantasy of Instant Death”. Law Critique 27, 137-149, 5, Apr., 2016. The quotes of the articles should not be longer than 2 sentences and if that is the case they should be summarized or cited in separate paragraphs Other sources of information can be used (they do not have to be peer reviewed articles) but it is extremely important that there is at least one quote from each peer reviewed article (5 in total)Death_as_a_Penalty_and_the_Fan (1) appips70706 (1)

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Death Penalty
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