Parental Experiences of Discrimination and Child Mental Health

Pretend you are a researcher and write about how you would go about recreating the study using your own variables to test the dependent variable of the study. In addition to recreating the study you should answer these specific reaction questions: -Did the results of the study surprise you?  -What would you as a researcher do to improve the study?  -Why did this article interest you?  -Can you share any personal experiences in which you can relate to the article? (In this particular question please take the view point of not being able to share any personal experience)  (1 page summarizing the article and 3 pages answering the article reaction questions above, plus recreation of study). So to be exact the first page should be your article summary and followed by that should be 3 ages of your answers to the above reaction questions and recreation of the study. * I will be providing the article of the experiment*


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Parental Experiences of Discrimination and Child Mental Health
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