Resilience, Commitment to language study, citizenship, preparation for the CLS program

I’m supposed to write 5 personal paragraphs with max 300 words and I know it may not be a personal essay I get but I hope it makes them shed a tear…………, nah but I hope it can be relatable. It’s due on the 17th so I hope I can get the essay before it’s due For the first part, 1) Resilience  Successful study abroad experiences often require traits such as flexibility, tolerance, openness, and adaptability. On the CLS Program, you will be exposed to new beliefs, values, attitudes, and opinions. For example, you might find that there are differences in concepts of privacy; socially acceptable behaviors; the role of the individual in society; and/or values and political viewpoints. Give an example of when you had to adapt to a new environment or situation. Based on that experience, what are your strategies for interacting with people who are different from you or situations that are unfamiliar? I just moved to the United States from Nigeria 5 years ago and I hope it could be incorporated into this paragraph. I moved when I was fifteen and immediately joined community college, where I spent some years without friends until I met someone who brought me out of my shell. I don’t really care about situations unless you constantly bring them up (that’s a straight up negative vibe), but I hope I can be there for people as a shoulder to lean on if they are going through challenging situations. For the second part, 2) Preparation for the CLS Program  The CLS Program is an intensive, group-based overseas learning experience. The program involves adapting to a new culture and environment, an intensive academic program, and mandatory cultural activities that may not always align with your interests. CLS involves building new relationships with people from the host country and functioning day-to-day in another language. CLS cohorts are often very diverse and maintaining positive group relations can be challenging. There may also be challenges specific to the location in which you study, and your own identity, background, and experiences. What aspects of the CLS Program do you expect will be the most challenging for you? What knowledge, skills, and experiences will you draw on to meet these challenges? I think my Japanese is good but I still need to be forced to speak it at most times so I’m looking for an immersive experience, so I think talking to people and trying not to use English would be the most challenging part especially when google translate exists, and I’ll draw on my Japanese knowledge from school, semi-friendly attitude and enthusiasm to learn new things to meet these challenges head on. For part 3,  3) Citizen Diplomacy  A key goal of the CLS Program is to increase the number and diversity of Americans who study and speak critical languages in order to develop mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Languages offer an opportunity for communication and exchange, providing the foundation of a more peaceful world. CLS Program scholars bear responsibility for representing the United States as citizen diplomats in their host communities; they reflect a diversity of values, beliefs, and opinions that is fundamental to providing a balanced representation of the United States abroad (see the diversity statement of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs). CLS Program scholars are expected to contribute to the goal of building mutual understanding by sharing what it means to be an American, learning about the host culture, and building meaningful relationships. After the program, alumni share their overseas experiences with others in the United States. Consider how your unique experience and perspective might contribute to your cohort. Make a case for how you will serve as an effective citizen diplomat abroad. How could you contribute to the mission of building mutual understanding between the people of your home community and the people of your host community? I honestly don’t know how to answer this question. I don’t really get how I’m supposed to serve as a citizen diplomat abroad except by being myself and not stepping on anyones precious toes. Please help me think this out For part 4, 4) Commitment to Language Study  The CLS Program seeks to support students who are committed to acquiring a high level of linguistic and cultural knowledge about the regions and countries in which they study. What interests you about your chosen target language and the people who speak it? How will you continue to study this language after the CLS Program? My interest in Japanese is mostly to help me fit in the workforce if I decide to move to Japan, I also love anime and I’m also looking for collaborative opportunities in the bioinformatics field. I’ve been studying Japanese for the past 3 years so if I don’t study it to perfection I might as well have wasted three years and counting of my life solely for my enthusiasm in the language and part of it’s culture For part 5; 5) How will increased language and cultural knowledge help you achieve your future academic or professional goals? Why is participation in the CLS Program appropriate for you at this point in your academic or professional career? Why should the CLS Program invest in you? What is it that you bring to the program? I’m close to graduating so I plan to start gaining the experience and the versatility in the bioinformatics/robotics industry and I think Japan could be the best place to gain that experience. I’m literally not sure of the last question but I think I could help foster the spread of the language in my circle and such.

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Resilience, Commitment to language study, citizenship, preparation for the CLS program
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