Market Revolutions and the Rise of Democracy

Complete 3 the following 5 activities. Remember your response must be a minimum of 150 words in length to receive credit unless otherwise noted.  For full credit your answers must demonstrate an understanding of historical information, people and concepts by incorporating information from our class text, images, videos and materials.  Your answers must also include your own thoughts, opinions, ideas, or reactions to the information.  Use of outside information from websites, books, or any other sources when answering these questions is an example of academic dishonesty and is not allowed.  See the Reflection Activity Rubric for full grading details. Reflection Activities Rubric #1: Where and why did the industrial revolution begin?  Why was the Untied States one of the first nations to adopt industrialization and form a market economy? #2: In what ways were the Industrial Revolution and the creation of the market economy examples of necessity driving invention?  Can you think of any modern day examples where you can still see this process in action? #3: List what you feel are the five most impactful changes in the United States created by the market economy?  Make sure you explain why you chose each item and why you feel it was so impactful. #4: What factors led to advancements in the concept of American democracy during this time period?  What role did politicians, and both the national and state governments play in allowing more white males the privilege of voting? #5: Why was Andrew Jackson such a controversial president?  Why did some like his leadership?  Why were others critical of Jackson and his policies? Dicussion topic: tep 1: Read the following Primary Sources. Life Among the Early Mill Girls.pdf Step 2: Answer the following questions.  Your response to each question must be at least 100 words in length.  Use the following Primary Source Rubric as your guide. Question1: In what ways did this author’s experiences differ from what she described as the stereotypical view of the life of a mill girl? Question 2: Why did the author see the cotton factory as a “great opening” for some women? Question 3: According to this author to what extent were the rights of the “early mill-girls” secure? Step 3: Now I would like you to comment on at least one persons posts.  Do you agree with one of your fellow students’ analysis and answers, or do you disagree, perhaps you took a different perspective on the issue.

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Market Revolutions and the Rise of Democracy
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