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Paper proposal: The sport in biomechanics. I choose the swimming as the sport and the rotator cuff tendinopathy as the injury. Original Requirements: (Two pages and 20 references more; You should be able to summarize twenty or so papers in that amount of space.) Do not include your name or any identifying information in the document. By now, you should have found and read twenty or so papers relevant to your proposed topic. The basic layout for your paper should be like a journal article introduction. Describe the problem, summarize published approaches to solve the problem, and describe how that prior work leads to a new research question.   Edit Requirements: Now, I need to revise this essay based on above information. I have uploaded the essay format example on “Example_(this_is_format)” and please complete the revision based on the essay format example (The edited essay should be similar to the example essay). I have twenty more references in the old essay, please use these references. (Front size: 12; single space; journal article format).

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Term Paer
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