Compare/contrast a character from “Recitatif” or “Shiloh”

Essay 2: Compare/contrast a character from “Recitatif” or “Shiloh” with yourself OR with a person you know. Doing so will entail listing three main areas in which a character is similar/different from you/ your friend. These three main areas will help you write a clear three-part thesis statement with which to end the introductory paragraph. This will be another EIGHT paragraph essay, like Essay 1. Remember to put short story titles in quotation marks, not italics. Prove your points about characters by referring to lines from the stories. Always put direct quotes in quotation marks. Cite lines of the story in in-text citations whenever you refer to specific actions in the play even if you don’t quote directly.  Cite short stories by page number. Length: 600-800 words. USE THE EIGHT-PARAGRAPH FORMAT OUTLINED IN THE DESCRIPTION OF ESSAY 1

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Compare/contrast a character from “Recitatif” or “Shiloh”
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