Political Economic Systems

INSTRUCTIONS Answer each of the following six questions. Each answer should be at least one page in length (and probably no longer than two pages) , and should include a thesis statement. Submit your answers as one document through the Canvas assignment. Please order your answers to match the order of the questions. QUESTIONS 1. Chapter 1 of your textbook discusses the intersection of politics and economics. What is political economy, and why is an interdisciplinary approach to political economy essential? Be specific. 2. Think about the fundamental tensions and points of agreement between the different perspectives. How are radicals and conservatives united in their opposition to liberalism? Be specific. 3. Think about the fundamental tensions and points of agreement between the different perspectives. Where do classical liberals and conservatives agree and disagree? Be specific. 4. Politics and economics often collide in the case of public goods and externalities. Explain how each of the perspectives we have studied might approach these issues differently. Be sure to carefully define public goods and externalities in your answer. 5. Choose any two perspectives and discuss how their practitioners might analyze the current COVID situation in the US. What would they be most concerned about? How would they want to address any negative effects? In your answer, you may choose very specific thinkers to use, or you may choose to stay with very general perspectives. 6. Discuss the different conceptions of human nature that underlie each perspective we have discussed. How do those assumptions influence the worldview of the theoreticians?

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Political Economic Systems
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