Berthe Morisot

You are Berthe Morisot – find what you need to know about her: -History: e.g. french revolution, french academy,.. -Context: e.g. her wealthy upbringing, her fellow artists that exhibit with her -Visual style: e.g. Impressionism style -Her goals/intentions/interests e.g. patriotism, religious, masculinity (in her paintings) Use some paintings as examples (except Summer’s Day paintings) – choose at least 3 paintings. Find out who/what influenced her works, but more importantly emphasize what her intentions were. E.g. the role of educated women in the mid19 century was more liberated than it had been. However, this still had some constraints. One being middle-class young ladies expected to be educated in languages, but also to give it up and be a good mother once married – ‘lady of the household’. Several women divided that expectation like Berthe Morisot, after marrying she still painted and showed in impression exhibits.

Morisot in textbook

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Berthe Morisot
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