Metaphoric Analysis

Be sure to include a link to your chosen ad in the paper. Here are some notes on the content of the paper: • Introduction: In the introduction, describe the rhetorical situation of the ad, especially as it relates to the metaphors at hand. This might also be a good space to explain any necessary information on how the metaphor works. For example, if you are describing a structural metaphor, you might need to quote Lakoff and Johnson. • Body: In the body paragraphs, you will analyze the metaphors, break them apart, and put them back together to explain their rhetorical effect. You will likely use the same pattern of observations, inferences, and explanations that you practiced in Week One. • Conclusion: Your conclusion should re-enforce the thesis and continue to explain the rhetorical significance of the metaphors. **Choose a Political Ad of your choice** Provide the link.

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Metaphoric Analysis
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