Mental Health Awareness

ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY     Mental Health Awareness   Remember that you need an argumentative focus on the topic. What should be done to encourage people like yourselves to lead a healthy lifestyle? What is the most important step we can take, especially during the pandemic, to ensure we keep fit and eat well?   No more than 3 quotation and it must be short one sentence.           PROMPT: Write an argumentative essay on a theme covered in class discussions and readings (i.e. globalization, modernization etc.). The essay should be at least 1,000 words long and incorporate evidence from 5 sources.    Your Argumentative Essay Submission should:   follow conventions of the genre (structure, language) o   use reliable sources with proper in-text citations in APA style. o   include an accurate reference list in APA style at the end of your paper.     Introduction—purpose and thesis statements Thesis statement must be argumentative (review ppt 3 in BB) Value Cause and Effect Action/Policy   Body Paragraphs             Supporting points—minimum 2, maximum 4             Counterargument—you need to present at least one counterargument in your essay             Rebuttal—you need a rebuttal/refutation for each counterargument

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Mental Health Awareness
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