Implications of the DNP Project for nursing and healthcare

Respond to posted discussion (below) PICOT Question:  For adolescents patients of UnityPoint Clinic (UPC) Prairie Parkway Family Medicine, Cedar Falls, does the implementation of the CRAFFT-N screening tool with interventions identify at-risk patients for substance use disorder, compared to no screening, over an eight to ten week period? What was the impact of your project at the practicum site and what are the implications of this project on nursing and/or healthcare outcomes? Provide your response in no more than 100 words. Substance use, including vaping products, has been documented in at least fifty percent of the adolescent population in the United States (Uribe & Schub, 2018). The United Nations (UN) states that one in every ten girls and one in every five boys are currently using tobacco products worldwide (United Nations, 2020). Prior to this assignment, there was no validated screening tool for use at UPC. The CRAFFT-N tool has been proven to have a high correlation with substance use disorder (SUD) for scores at or over 4 (Agley et al., 2015). Through this project, my hope is to be able to identify those at-risk teens at a younger age and possibly prevent the complications that come with a diagnosis of SUD.

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Implications of the DNP Project for nursing and healthcare
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