Americans Should Have More Holidays and Longer Vacations

The essay needs to be looked over for proper formating  Further, you should also take another look at the in-text citations to ensure they follow MLA style. You say: Adopting a holiday and vacation culture increases these elements, enhancing a country’s selection probabilities (Cró, and António, 218).   Here, the comma after each name is not appropriate. In MLA, no commas are needed. For example: Bullying is cruel (Smith and Jones 345). With this in mind, think about where you can delete some commas in a few of the in-text citations. Main Idea/Thesis  For now, your main claim is expressed in the introduction, where you say: Although America is a workaholic state, Americans should take more holidays and extended vacations because of its many benefits, such as improved mental and general health and well-being, work-family balance, and enhanced productivity levels, which are vital for both employees and employers.  However, in the paper you write about this but then also turn your focus to another couple of issues, such as when you say: Holidays in the current global world have lost their actual value and nature as they have become more casual and routine because of globalization and multicultural trends. It Is not clear how this section supports your overall claim about people not taking holidays, or about why people need to take them in order to improve their own lives and to improve the productivity of their work. This can seem like an irrelevant section or an extra element of your argument. To clarify why it is relevant, consider what it supports in your argument. How does it relate to your main point, and is it relevant to your argument? Content Development  Similarly, you should also connect this claim to your main idea, perhaps including in the topic sentence how it supports the need for more holidays: Increasing the number of holidays and vacation time increases America’s chances to be selected as a target place by destination management organizations and meeting planners. How can increasing the number of holidays help to support the holiday business, maybe? How can it support America as a destination, and how will this also lead to more business opportunities, perhaps? To what extent can this support work and productivity, potentially? Similarly, if this is a prized destination, how might that also support people in taking more holidays?

American Should Have more hollidays

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Americans Should Have More Holidays and Longer Vacations
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