Current Event journal 5

All assignments are to be One page only (including source citation) See the One page paper format  Make sure your name, date and journal # are on the top right hand corner of the page. Your journal must be submitted as an attachment in docx. format. In order to fully understand the impact that Japan has on the rest of the world today, each student will collect and comment on one news article per week that relates to a contemporary issue dealing with Japan. For every weekly journal entry, a series of essential questions will need to be addressed that examine the student’s awareness of local, global, international and intercultural issues, trends and systems along with suggestions by the student on how to take action within the context of their own lives or engage in a shared solution regarding the news article. The student will also be expected to comment on each article as well as provide internet based research regarding the issue brought up in the news article. *** Must follow the one page format , attached **** The article I want to work with:

One page paper format docx

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Current Event journal 5
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