Reading Comprehension Final Assignment Part B

Part B: Comprehension of Academic Articles: 1. Read the following article “Moats, L.C. (2006). How spelling supports reading. American Educator, 12-22.” What is the main idea of the article? Write one paragraph consisting of between 3-5 sentences. Write your answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS to avoid plagiarism.  At the end of the paragraph write a citation for the article as you were taught in previous lessons. 2. Relate to both “Moats, L.C. (2006). How spelling supports reading. American Educator, 12-22,” and “Joshi, R. M., Treiman, R., Carreker, S., and Moats, L.C. (2009) How words cast their spell . American Educator, 1-16),” by answering the following question: What issues do both articles deal with and what are the suggestions for action that they have in common? Write two paragraphs, consisting of between 3-5 sentences each.  Write your answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS to avoid plagiarism. Write citations within your answer when referring to each of the articles.


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Reading Comprehension Final Assignment Part B
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