Plan a Community Health Assessment using a CBPR Approach

For this Assignment, you will prepare a plan for a community health assessment with a CBPR or community organizing approach, using the problem you developed in your Week 3 Assignment (attached as week 3), the secondary quantitative dataset you identified in your Week 4 Discussion (Attached as Dataset) , and the quantitative and qualitative questions you compared in the Week 9 Assignment (attached as week 9).  Submit a full 4 page paper (no title page needed)  plan for completing a community health assessment that includes the following sections (Each section title should be in bold and included in paper) : 1. Purpose: a statement of the Purpose of the Assessment (keep this short) 2. Stakeholders: an explanation of how you would identify stakeholders in the community and a description of how you would establish rapport with them as well as share power with them 3. Data Collection: an account of the data collection methods you would use (qualitative and/or quantitative) to fully explore the identified health-related problem(s) and the strategies that community members would recommend to address these problems—include the role of community members in the data collection process 4. Data Analysis: an account of your proposed process for the management and analysis of data and the presentation of results to the community, including the role of community members in this process 5. Social Change: the potential social change policy implications of your projectDataset Week 9 (1) Week 3

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Plan a Community Health Assessment using a CBPR Approach
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