African American Hair in the Workplace

For this research assignment, I am expected to write an 8-page double-spaced paper. This paper should be in APA format and include all of the following: Cover Page Introduction Argument/Background/Research Question Literature Review Methodology(discussion of methods) Data Analysis/Findings(articulation of your findings) Conclusion Reference Page Research Question: How is African American hair affected in the workplace? My argument: African Americans are discriminated against on a regular basis simply due to the look and texture of their hair. They are always expected to bow down to the standards of corporate America and wear styles that society considers “professional” in the workplace, even if it means taming our tresses for the likings of others. One of the main reasons I know this to be true is because I am a hairstylist specializing in African American hair care and the first-hand experiences I hear from my clients who work in healthcare and many other fields send me into disbelief; the stories are also never-ending. I notice there is a certain look that is expected of African American hair, which is to be not too excessive or eye-catching and deemed presentable to the public. Meanwhile, those same standards aren’t placed on their counterparts. Upon research, I found that African Americans may deal with mental health problems stemmed from the stressors creating by corporate grooming policies. Anxiety, PTSD, and depression are a few to name.   Methodology/Discussion of Methods: The disciplines that I believe are most relevant to my research topic are sociology, African American diaspora studies, and psychology. Methods that are valued in these fields are surveys, interviews, and experiments; these methods fall under the Social Sciences which is qualitative and quantitative research. Surveys and interviews are what I’ll be using to further explain the data found.

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African American Hair in the Workplace
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