Groundwater Flow

Introduction: In order to interpret how groundwater is flowing through an aquifer, we first need to have an idea of the shape of the water table to figure out the direction of hydraulic gradient. Similar to surface water, groundwater flows down-gradient, or from areas of a high water table to areas with a lower water table. Here, we will use well data to construct contours for the water table to interpret direction of groundwater flow in a hypothetical area. Materials required: This digital assignment handout!A computer application that allows you to draw/ annotate on the “Groundwater Flow Map” image. Applications that will work for this: The “Draw” function in Microsoft Word PowerPoint The “Photos” application on your phone, if it allows you to draw or “markup” an image What you will turn in: This digital assignment handout, with the questions answered and your annotated/ marked up image placed on the final page63 GW Flow

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Groundwater Flow
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