Bio ACarb Lab.3 Task 3: Submit Individual Reflection

Instructions 1.     Read the complete lab manual. This provides an overview and instructions for the entire lab. Consider your lab experiment when answering the following questions in your own words using complete sentences. Typical answers are about a paragraph in length. Be sure to include a graph you made on your own of your team’s data with figure legend.       Length: 1single-spaced page on 8” X 11” standard typing paper Font: 12-point Times New Roman Margin: One-inch margins for the entire document (top, bottom and sides). Include the question being answered in bold. Graph of your team’s date with figure legend.     Questions What question was your team trying to answer? Explain what you know about amylase and conditions that alter enzyme activity and make a prediction that answers your question     Which treatment(s) were compared to try to answer this question?      For each of your controls, what did you expect and did your results match? Based on those results, how much confidence do your control results give you in your experimental results?      Put your graph here.  Be sure to label your axes and include a legend giving a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the results presented in the figure. The summary should identify key trends or data points in the graph.      What was your main result? What specifically on the graph supports that interpretation of the data.       Were the results of your teammates similar to each other or different? What were the possible causes for differences in results? How did these similarities/differences impact the confidence in your conclusion?Reflection Report ACarb Lab Manual Graph and result

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Bio ACarb Lab.3 Task 3: Submit Individual Reflection
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