Write an essay on self-made leaders. You must include what qualities they hold and how these qualities compare to the 12 learned in this section.  Communication The ability to communicate well is the foundation of leadership.  If you are unable to convey the what, why, and how of what needs to be done, you won’t be able to persuade others about the need to do it.  Having and using an extensive vocabulary plays a large role in effective communication and in leadership. Knowing the words that will tell the person you wish to lead exactly what you mean will provide a sense of trust and understanding. Integrity:  Be Open, Honest, and Fair People who lead with integrity earn the respect and trust of the people they lead.  Honest,  open leaders who show that they are willing to listen and will decide fairly, are trusted and respected because people learn that they can count on them to behave in a predictable way.  Being open-minded about things means that you are willing to try and learn new things. Honesty works to promote trust in your decisions and advice. Being Fair allows you to treat everybody the same, in order to promote harmony amongst your team members. Act Decisively Good leaders always have the best interest in mind when they decide. Knowing how people feel about a matter that concerns them or the company etc. will help to have their interests accounted for in your final decision. Even though there are times where the selfishness of the group or of an individual’s beliefs can affect a leader’s decision, being able to understand and focus on what’s important for themselves without having to rely on help from others is the mark of a good leader. After consulting with and listening to others in the group or team, once a leader has learned all the facts that are required to make a decision they must be willing to decide and take responsibility for their decision.  Act With Consistency If a decision has been made and rules are set in place, everyone must act in accordance with that rule or law – without exceptions. A leader who goes back on their word, breaks their own rules, or applies rules differently to different people, will lose people’s trust and respect. Ensure People Have the Resources and Information they Need to do their Job A job or project cannot be done well without paying attention to detail and knowing everything important in order to complete the task effectively. If the precise information or required tools are not given, the end product won’t be to the standard that is needed or expected. Set Goals and Emphasize Them To meet deadlines and productivity targets, explicit goals must be set in place and emphasized so that people think about it constantly. Knowing what the end goal is will make team members tailor their work methods to that goal more effectively. Establish realistic deadlines: do things one at a time and throw out unproductive methods or activities. A good time manager knows what things or situations can waste time. Once time wasters are identified, unproductive meetings, unnecessary errors, and putting things off can all be avoided. Keep Focused Through Follow-up Checkups to ensure the correct application of information are important. Are you or your team members doing what was asked to be completed? Fewer mistakes even missing steps in the order of tasks to be done can be avoided by way of procedural thinking. Listen to Feedback and Ask Questions Paying close attention to the verbal and non-verbal reactions of people while forming an understanding of the information they are trying to convey Show Loyalty to the Company and to Your Team How can a leader expect to receive buy-in and cooperation from a person that does not receive mutual respect from you? Leadership is a 50/50 process: where one person leads, the other person has agreed to follow.  Leadership cannot work if both sides of the equation aren’t in place.  Without mutual respect, this reciprocal relationship cannot flourish.  Create an Atmosphere of Growth Make sure your workers’ success and achievements are acknowledged in a manner that is fair to the awarded individual(s) and the rest of the team. One thing all leaders must avoid is overlooking the talents of other workers while praising the accomplishments of one person. Demonstrate Assertiveness If ever there is a situation that calls for immediate action, it is the duty of whoever is in charge to act. People rely on others to act fast and make quick decisions that are well thought out and precise. Want and Know When to Take Charge Good leaders know when to take charge of a situation, to show that they can handle and control whatever situation arises.

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