Accounting Project – use Tableau

Question: Your client is a large pharmaceutical company operating and manufacturing globally. The company wants to choose a location to construct a new facility to ramp up the manufacture, production, and sales of vaccines. The company expects a huge demand in new vaccines in the year 2021.  1.Review the data file posted here. This file details the company’s most recent 2019 tax provision calculations. a.Add a column to compute net income.  b.Use this data to prepare a dashboard in Tableau.  2.The company would like your help in choosing a location to open a new manufacturing facility. The goal is to maximize net income and/or minimize taxes.  a.Where do you recommend? Why? b.Consider the industry – what other factors may be important to choose a location? c.Discuss the reasoning for your selection and prove the logic of your recommendation. Prepare a succinct well organized 1-2 page memo to the client explaining your recommendation. Visually integrate results from your analysis into your memo. Provide proof and evidence to support your recommendation.

Provision data file fall 2020

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Accounting Project – use Tableau
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