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One paragraph must be written for each of the following sections: Summary of Article, Why I Chose This Topic, and Why/How it Impacts the Hospitality Industry. Students must follow this format as a template is on Canvas. The summary section should be 3-5 sentences. Give a general summary of the article. Why I Chose This Topic section should discuss why you chose the topic and what about the article made you choose it (what was interesting, what did you learn). In the final section, Why/How it Impacts the Hospitality Industry, you should discuss how this topic impacts (positively or negatively) the industry or how it will impact the industry in the future. The formatting includes single-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides.Potential Topics (Must use a new topic for each assignment) Succession planning Human resource forecasting Training Sexual Harassment Discrimination in the workplace New hire orientation Work/life balance Business Ethics Exit interviews Employee performance appraisals Compensation plan (i.e. tipping) Turnover Discipline Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unions/Collective Bargaining Employee privacy

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Writer chooses topic
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