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Essay 2 Prompt Write an ‘informative” 1,000-word essay that examine deeper one aspect of Module 2 that you find interesting. This is the prompt that will direct your Essay 2 essay. What area of our Module 2 content was most interesting to you? What aspect of Module 2 would you like to explore more deeply through your own research? “Research-based Essay”: This will not be a personal essay, such as Essay 1. Essay 2 will be based on research that you have done outside of our Blackboard resources. The point of this research is to learn more about a specific aspect of our Module 2 content, and to be able to develop an informed viewpoint about what you have learned through your research. The result of your research, of course, will be your written work — Essay 2. RESEARCH: A) Note: You will are required to cite at least five sources in your Essay 2. This is an absolute minimum. Experience as an instructor tells me that students who cite the minimum number of sources “usually” have not actually done enough research to fully explore an idea, and their final grades for this assignment reveal that. B) Your sources need to come from outside of our Blackboard resources. While your idea was no doubt sparked by an explore, reading, or tutorial task, you are required to find sources on your own to include in your Essay 2. C) Quality sources are needed. You will be evaluated on not just your writing and thought process for Essay 2; you will also be evaluated on the credibility and quality of the sources you find. Tip: The Madison College Library research database is a one good place to find quality information. D) Secondary sources are required. Secondary research is research done by someone else, which you include in your work. Secondary sources include articles, books, documentaries, videos, etc., etc. E) Primary sources are optional. Primary research is research done by you, the writer. Examples of primary research include interviews and surveys. If you choose to include primary sources, you also need to include secondary sources. F) The sourcing for your essay needs to follow the documentation style of the American Psychological Association (APA). For Essay 2, you will include the following APA formatting items: Cover page Page numbers Font and line spacing Reference page Note: You do not need to include an abstract or table of contents. G) Due dates: Essay 2/Rough is due at the end of Week 10. Essay 2/Final Draft is due at the end of Week 11. Item Essay 2 RUBRIC requirements YOUR INTRODUCTION An attention getter is needed The introduction needs either a close-form thesis (an open-form question is not allowed for this assignment). A cover page is needed before the start of the essay introduction. The cover page needs to follow APA style. ESSAY BODY After the intro has been written, organize the essay body paragraphs. The essay body contain paragraphs that support your thesis. Essay body paragraphs will be a bit more developed than viewpoint body paragraphs. The organization should allow for a good flow. Transitions are needed, in other words. Body paragraphs should contain concise topic sentences. Body paragraphs should contain documentation. In other words, you will need to support your points with attributions and signal phrases connected to your sources. APA citations are needed. A minimum of five sources should be cited in the essay itself. Quality of sources cited in the essay body: The sources need to be reputable and credible. Finally, the essay body should be complete and informative. In other words, your essay should respond to the Essay 2 prompt in an insightful manner. CONCLUSION The essay needs to include a conclusion that has two qualities: Quality #1: restate your supporting points (found in the essay body) using fresh language. Meaning, do not use language identical or highly similar to language of your thesis. Quality #2: a “clincher.” What is a clincher? It is phrase or a quote or a fact or a very short story that wraps up the entire essay. A good clincher will profoundly impact the reader. To put it another way, a good clincher is like someone ringing a bell. One possible clincher might be a simple quote from one of your interviewees that “wraps up the entire” essay. TITLE Make sure your essay has a title. It should be centered and at the top of the essay. The title is very important. It should not be too general. It should reveal, or hint at, the essay’s thesis statement. WRITING STYLE AND DOCUMENTATION FORMATTING Follow the rules of standard English usage, including grammar and punctuation rules. Use precise word choice to eliminate redundancies Develop sentences that are clear and not awkward or wordy The line spacing, font usage, and paragraph indention should follow APA style. Page numbers need to follow APA style. DOCUMENTATION You need to have at least five sources that are cited as follows: Sources cited in the essay. This is called “in-text citation.” You need to follow APA documentation style for in-text citations. Sources listed in full at the end of the essay. This is called “References.” You need to follow APA documentation style for your reference page. Item More about formatting and specific requirements for Essay 2 Other requirements include: Word document (you need to submit your Essay 2 on a Word document) 1000 words in length (No more than 1,300). Times New Roman font (APA style) 12 point font is required (APA style) Double-spacing is required (APA style) Paragraphs should be indented five spaces (APA style) Page number should follow APA style.

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