Artificial intelligent

Instructions ·  Answer the following question in the form of an argumentative essay of ~ 1500 words. ·  Use examples to help make your argument more convincing, and to demonstrate your knowledge of the material. Be specific—include the names of the philosophers, theories, readings, etc. that you refer to and explain them. Avoid the use of direct quotations in favour of paraphrasing. ·  You will be marked on your ability to demonstrate knowledge of the relevant course material, as well as the persuasiveness of your argument.  Spelling, grammar, structure etc. will be taken into account. · Do not use sources outside those we have covered in this course.  You should not need to do research for these essays.     Question What ethical issues from Part 2 of the course are reflected in the novel Sea of Rust?  Do you think Cargill presents a vision of the future of A.I. that is inevitable?  What do we need to do to avoid his vision of the future, assuming we successfully create both A.I. and A.G.I?   Technical Requirements ·      Word length = ~1500 words (+/- 150 words) ·      Essays should be typed, double-spaced,12pt font, 1in margins, Times, Helvetica etc. ·      Include a word count at the end of each essay (e.g. Word count: 1445 words). ·      Upload your completed file to the Assignments page on Brightspace.  ·      Do not upload more than one file. ·      No references outside course readings should be used.  ·      Citations should include the last name of the author, and the page number.                    e.g. Barrat argues that there is a risk in the development of A.I. (Barrat, p.XX). ·      Be sure to submit your final draft only.

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Artificial intelligent
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