mapping the issue essay- human trafficking

Here are some notes from my teacher. This first paragraph feels like an overview of the topic as opposed to an introduction. Your introduction should introduce your topic, acknowledge they say, which you somewhat have, contain an expository thesis statement, which explains the goal of this paper and includes the main ideas of your body paragraphs, and answers the “So What?” and “Who Cares?” questions in relation to the entire UTA community. This draft fails to meet the minimum expectations of the prompt. After your introduction, create an overview of the topic, explaining what caused the issue, what prompted past and present interest in this topic, and who is interested in the issue and why. Next, create a paragraph that briefly summarizes the positions and sources that your essay will cover. Then, summarize position one and a source representing this position by responding to steps three and four. Then, repeat steps three and four for position two. Then, compare and contrast these positions in a paragraph (see step five). Next, summarize position three and a source that represents this position (see steps three and four). Finally, compare and contrast positions one and three and two and three. Review your notes on MLA. This Works Cited page has several issues. and here’s my essay The Issues on Human Trafficking Do you know what is happening in your country? Not many persons are? As disgusting as it sounds here in this country, people are being purchased, traded, and smuggled like modern-day slaves. Human trafficking is known as the “invisible crime,” mostly because society prefers to turn its back and not inform itself about this real crime. Due to language differences, fear of criminals, and fear of law enforcement, victims seldom seek assistance. Sex trafficking is a significant global epidemic that needs the world’s recognition as well as attention. A worldwide phenomenon is slave labor and sex trafficking. Suppose a nation is industrialized, developing, or in transition. In that case, they can operate in every area across the globe and any economy. “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Criminals describes trafficking in human beings as” an act of hiring, shipping, transmitting, harboring or receiving an individual for the intent of manipulating them by the use of force, coercion or other means “(UNODC). People have their beliefs about trafficking in human beings, such as: trafficking in illicit acts only occurs in third world nations. However, the people who demand them are from the U.S. People sometimes say it is from one entity, too. However, there are other elements to it. The individuals who scout and recruit and the individuals who work with the travel plans are there. An appreciation of the distinction must therefore be made between slavery and trade in human beings. Slavery, often by forced labor or sex, entails abusing persons. Sex trafficking is where, for slavery, an individual is abducted, given, or acquired. Three elements that need to be tackled can be identified in human trafficking: first, the action; that is, the recruiting, transportation, relocation, harboring, or receiving of persons. Second, the means; implies the threat of force or use of force, deceit, misuse of authority, or weakness role—finally, the aftermath. Trafficking of human beings is further broken down into two forms: trafficking of labor and sex trafficking. Both labor and resources may be found in human trafficking, including domestic servitude, sweatshops, and agricultural workers forced to work without or with no pay. In the sense of commercial sexual abuse of minors and people who are coerced to participate in sexual acts, human trafficking exists. Forcing children, men, and women to indulge in commercial sex against their will, sex traffickers use abuse, threats, lies, debt slavery, and other coercion forms. (‘Sex Trafficking’)             Human trafficking is a serious human rights infringement. Each year, in their own countries and abroad, thousands of men, women, and children fall into the hands of smugglers. Nearly every country in the world, whether as a country of origin, is affected by trafficking. (‘United’) Of almost 27 million refugees, sex trafficking is the world’s fastest expanding crime enterprise. “Every year, it creates an unprecedented $31 billion, half of which comes from commercial sexual abuse”(Rescue). Recruitment, lodging, exchanges, and harboring are the acts taken as previously stated. A significant part of sex trafficking is the middlemen that promote jobs for migrant workers. These middlemen usually referred to as recruiters, also play a crucial role in work selection. The debt and deceit implemented in the recruiting and hiring process often produce insecurity and forced labor for migrant worker trafficking. Usually, labor recruiters are tasked to recruit and employ migrants. As facilitators, they serve. It assumes duties ranging from connecting aspiring workers to positions worldwide or in other parts of the country, coordinating visas, coordinating travel plans, providing orientation or preparation for pre-departure, or negotiating contracts with individual employees and prospective employers. Labor recruiters on the job site can also supervise migrant employees.             Threats, the use of force, the misuse of authority, and the insecurity of victims are sex trafficking instruments. It is all about who has the control and the control over “B” that “A” has. Although recruiters can play a valid role in production’s efficient functioning, their existence often renders employees more vulnerable to forced labor. In terms of age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and education, victims of trafficking in human beings reflect various identities. However, one feature they typically share is some vulnerability. They are also segregated from their family (“what is”) and social networks. Traffickers also gain power by using abuse or assaulting the individual or the individual’s family members, hurting or depriving the individual of simple needs, manipulating the victim’s identity papers, and so forth. For several factors, like economic deprivation, environmental catastrophes, or political turmoil, they search for weak individuals. Victims of sex trafficking can be broken into three populations, as described by U.S. law: Induced into commercial sex by kids under 18 years of age. Driven into commercial sex by intimidation, deception, or exploitation by adults aged 18 or older.  Children and adults coerced by intimidation, deception, or manipulation do work or services. (‘human’)  The United States is commonly recognized as a priority country for trade in human beings. Government statistics report that 14,500 to 17,500 victims are trafficked into the United States each year. The estimate of victims trafficked inside the United States per year does not include this. (“What is”).             There are traumatic human and societal effects of trafficking. The effect on people and culture is devastating, from victims’ physical violence and torture to social and mental distress to unabated criminality’s economic and political consequences. However, the effect of trafficking in human beings extends beyond individual victims; it threatens the welfare and security of all nations in which it takes place. It is easy to decide what sort of influence the survivor wants to have while addressing sex trafficking. There are over 30 million slaves in the world, 80% of whom are women, half of whom are girls (‘Precious’). Much of the human trafficking victims are women and children, and men typically serve in the labor force. About 100,000 U.S. children are at risk of sexual abuse on a commercial basis. More surprisingly, the average age of these girls when they enter prostitution is 13 years old. Most will be dead by 6 to 7 years after trafficked (‘Human Trafficking’) if they are not rescued. The least apparent impact is the one that sex trafficking has on the environment. The success in sex trafficking is thought to be attributed to the lack of knowledge of this rising crime. The House also passed HB10 in Texas, an anti-human trafficking measure, according to “,” which makes it easier to investigate sex trafficking. The key is to abolish the law of restrictions on children’s forced prostitution. Sex offenders are now mandated by the bill to become licensed sex offenders. The State Legislative National Conference explains that Utah already has an anti-human trafficking statute that requires those accused of human trafficking to be prosecuted. A bill has been signed by President Obama to prosecute those involved in sex trafficking and provide victims with services (Wetzstein). The bill raises funds for the prosecution of anti-trafficking laws and penalizes offenders with a “special evaluation” of $5,000. People who have been found to have sold or acquired a trafficked female, involved in sexual assault, child trafficking, child sexual exploitation, illicit sexual conduct interstate shipment, or economic smuggling of human beings (Wetzstein).             Overall, sex trafficking, modern-day slavery, is a vile and awful act, humanity’s curse, and a shameful violation of human dignity. As human beings, it should disgrace all of us. What is fresh and surprising is the amount of prostitution and how little we know about it. New legislation and acts have been adopted in recent years to help fight trafficking in human beings and protect victims, but to solve the issue successfully, world leaders and organizations need to solve trafficking problems that have already escalated, such as inadequate infrastructure and vulnerable economic prospects. Pressure must be placed on them to do so in order for this to happen. Freedom is a brief, powerful word which, every day, seems to be taken for granted. Because democracy has never been taken away from us, it is hard to understand it. “Unfortunately, not everyone gets to understand what it feels like to have the right to make their own choices; the sang” you do not know what you have until it has gone. Sex trafficking victims live regularly, not understanding what it is like to have equality. 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