PART 1: Only use this source for this part: Bhikhu Parekh (2005) Rethinking Multiculturalism Chapters 11 & 12 The author views multiculturalism as a perspective on human life.  What is meant by that assertion?  Discuss his three central insights.  How might these inform your own life and future leadership roles?  What are the challenges posed for our own society?  How might they best be addressed?  What do the critics have to say and how does the author respond? ( PART 2: Only use this source for this part: Heifetz, R. A., Linsky, M., & Grashow, A. (2009).  The practice of adaptive leadership: Tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing.  Ch. 10 & 11 What is the difference between group and teamwork?  Discuss the groups you are associated with.  Is the size of the group a consideration for you?  In what way?  What are the pros and cons associated with group size?  Have you seen this in action?   What is the value of muddling through in some group settings?  Have you experienced this phenomenon? What can be learned from the Stanford Prison Experiment? Discuss some norms found in groups you are associated with?  How about this class?  What are our norms?  How is cohesion addressed? Discuss the positive experiences you have had building a team.  Discuss Ginnett’s Team Leadership Model and relate it to virtual teams. Discuss the importance of developing others?  What Skills are needed?  What successes have you witnessed for either side of the coin? What is the Rocket Model?  Helpful to you or not so much? Are you a good delegator?  What is this important?  Do you see yourself as a coach?  Ever had one?

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