Discussion: Music Description

1. Write one-sentence description of the musical example (Bach’s “Little” Fugue in G minor) that you’ve listened to.  Specifically, you need to describe one of the two fugue elements that have been featured in this week’s assignment: imitation or subject.  You sentence will be graded on how well you follow our descriptive strategies.  Remember, you are only to write one sentence.  In that sentence you need to explain your element (either imitation or subject) and briefly describe that element within this specific piece. The descriptive aspect of your sentence can be very brief.  Long sentences aren’t necessarily better sentences.  Follow the strategies and keep it clear. Once you’ve done your sentence you’ll be able to read it again.  If at that point you feel you would like to change your sentence.  In the reply, write your updated sentence along with an explanation of why you made the changes.  That explanation is required if you want me to issue a grade based on your improvements. 2. Did you notice how the flow chart earlier in the listening assignment was all about contrasts? I imagine that some of those contrasts are easier to hear than others. For example, it should be very easy to hear when a soloist is singing versus when a choir is singing. One singer is a very different sound than a group of singers. In this discussion forum I’d like you to tell us which contrast is most difficult for you to hear.

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Discussion: Music Description
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