Research paper is about a Psychology disorder recognized by the DSM-5.

APA formatting, the works cited page should be on page 5. There are 5 sources required and they should be credible. Every reference should be cited within the paper. The body of the paper should include a description of the disorder (1-2) pages. It should go over symptoms and variations of the disorder. The next should be the causes and background/history of the disorder (1-2) pages. You should identify causes that fall within the 3 major perspectives of psychology (Biological, Psychological, and Sociocultural). The history should include how/when was it first recognized by psychologists. Also how it was treated in the old days. The last part is statistics and treatment options (1-2)pages. The statistics part should include how many people are diagnosed with the disorder each year and how common it is. The treatment should include how do psychologists treat it now. What type of medication medication might be prescribed and are there specialists for this type of disorder. DO NOT plagiarize. Should be in a word document. Thank you!

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Research paper is about a Psychology disorder recognized by the DSM-5.
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