Mass media choice in today’s world

Instructions: 1.    Explicitly address the selected prompt. 2.    Be a maximum length of 3 (three) pages (12-point font, Times New Roman or Calibri, double-spaced). If you are pursuing the group option, the maximum number of pages is 6 (six). The works cited and title pages do not count towards that limit. 3.    Written with clarity and grace (style, structure and mechanics). 4.    Incorporate theory and/or scholarly research for at least one of the communication concepts that we have covered in the course (e.g. interpersonal, non-verbal communication). 5.    Cite (in text and in the reference list) at least two scholarly sources outside the materials used in the course with an acceptable/established citation format to support your postion. 6.    Submitted in Microsoft Word format (2003 version or later) or PDF format via the Assignments tab on Canvas. No Pages, RTF, Open Source and related files.


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Mass media choice in today’s world
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