Conflict Management Assessments and Reflection Essay

Please complete each of the for assessments below.  If you click on the name of the assessment it will redirect you to the assessment.  How Emotionally Intelligent are you?  Myer’s Briggs Conflict Management Styles Assessment Gregoric Thinking Styles Quiz Once you have completed each of the for assessments please write a 3-4 page essay reflection on your results.  Your reflection essay should include answers to the following prompts: What were your results for each of the assessments? How does knowing these results impact your conflict management? What new challenges did you discover about your conflict management skills? What will you need to over come those challenges? Your reflection essay should be presented as an essay single word or single sentence responses to each of the prompts will not be accepted.  This is an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of you and how your emotional intelligence, thinking styles, personality style and conflict style all relate to your conflict management skills.  Your essay needs to be in APA format and 12pt font.

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Conflict Management Assessments and Reflection Essay
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