Video Analysis and Time Periods

1.     Compare the following four jazz-based songs in a minimum of 800 words for this section. Identify, time-stamp, and describe the following African-American modalities of music-making: (a) Timbral Flex, (b)Improvisation, (c) Polyrhythm, (d) Socio-Functionality, (e) Call & Response, (f) Syncopation, (g)[Imitative] Vocalization. Also compare  instrumentation.   2.    Identify any two 30-year periods from 1620 -1950 in U.S history. Write about African-American music making during that 30-year period. Include: Historical figures, social trends, major musicians, how the country changed socially, place, the demographics, how the music is made (stylistic traits), instrumentation, Historical context. Please use 900 word minimum for this section.

music homework

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Video Analysis and Time Periods
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