Critical infrastructure Protection

Bak’s paradox is the contradiction between efficiency and optimal operation in complex systems and its inevitable collapse. Apply the Bak’s Sand Pile Theory and the readings from the text to a realistic situation involving a critical infrastructure network. What are the potential outcomes? What are the causes? Can negative impacts be avoided? Discussion questions will be posted each module/week. Threads in response to the questions must reflect critical thought, relate the course content to real-world applications with biblical perspectives, and cite any sources used. The thread must be at least 250–300 words. You must post at least 2 replies to your classmates’ threads. The replies must be 100–150 words each. Responding to a classmate’s post requires both the addition of new ideas and analysis. A particular point made by the classmate must be addressed and built upon by your analysis in order to move the conversation forward. Thus, the response post is a rigorous assignment that requires you to build upon initial posts to develop deeper and more thorough discussion of the ideas introduced in the initial posts. As such, reply posts that merely affirm, restate, or unprofessionally quarrel with the previous post(s) and fail to make a valuable, substantive contribution to the discussion will receive appropriate point deductions. The Post First feature has been activated in the Discussion Board Forums for this course. You will need to post your thread before you will be able to view and reply to other students’ threads.

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Critical infrastructure Protection
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