5 typed pages not including title page and citations • Line spacing 1.5 • Margins 1 inch • Paper title Arial 16 • Arial 12 for main text • Arial 12 for sub titles in bold • Outline o Introduction : § Talk about the basic biology of Coronavirus and organs affected § Talk about public health statistics, origin of virus, etc. o Pathophysiology § Molecular events related to infection, particular susceptible groups of people etc.. o Diagnostic tools § What are the different Methods to diagnose Covid – 19? o Risk factors § What are risk factors? o Methods of treatment o Prognosis o Conc lusions and what you learned from your research • 4 – 6 primary research articles must be cited , only one physiology/anatomy textbook and one website can be used as a citation example CDC, NIH • Citation must be properly referenced with authors, year of publica tion, complete title and page and volume number • Example: 1. Doe, John & Soap, Joe (2014). The study of bone diseases in Americans, Journal of Osteoporosis, vol 3 p26 – 34. • Citation referred to in the text must be numbered. • PubMed/Medline are a good source fo r information. • No referencing Wikipedia or random webpageswebpages

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