Non-profit Organization Research Paper

Write a 3-5 page research paper in which you report on a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas that you feel has been particularly valuable to you or to your community during the past year. You research will require reading about the non-profit organization from information found on their website, organization produced publications and media, newspapers, magazines, and by using library publications and databases. In addition, you must conduct an interview with a person who is in a leadership position within that organization (manager, director, Vice president, President, or member of the board). Your paper should include the following elements: ·         Name of the organization and primary address/headquarters ·         An overview of the organization’s history and mission ·         Description of the service(s) they provide and their target audience ·         What are the key goals they are trying to accomplish/ List and briefly describe several major projects or initiatives that the organization is currently working on? ·         What is the leadership or management structure of the non-profit organization? How are critical decisions made?  What role do teams of employees or volunteers play in the decision making. What decision-making model(s) are frequently used by this organization? Ask for an example. ·         What effect has the Covid 19 pandemic had on their operations? i.e fundraising, staffing, recruitment of volunteers, service to the community. ·         Discuss why you chose to report on this organization Paper requirements: Length: 3-5 page minimum, single- spaced, typed in MS Word. Write in paragraph format. You are encouraged to offer your reflections or opinions about the non-profit at the end of the paper. You nay use either MLA or APA style. Your name should be on the top page, right corner; pages are to be numbered Bibliography should contain a minimum of 5 resources. Your bibliography should contain the name, title, and date of your interview.

Research Paper Assignment

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Non-profit Organization Research Paper
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