Exercise 2:  Create a Rule of Life that you are willing to commit to living by over the next 6-12 months. Give special attention to Chapter 9 of Barton’s book. Sacred Rhythms UNLIMITED eBOOK AVAILABILITY ISBN: 9780830833337 – eISBN: 9780830878291 Ruth Haley Barton IVP Books 2006 You may want to use Barton’s example of her own rule as a general guide (pp. 156-57) but recognize that the rule she offers does not fully live into the criteria I have created below. For now, avoid following the model of the “busy executive” (pp. 158-59).  Your Rule should: 1)  be specific and concrete. If you cannot measure your performance of the rule or be held accountable to it, it is not specific enough. (For example, “I will exercise” is not as accountable as “I will ride my bicycle 25-30 minutes at least three days each week.”) 2) be prescriptive rather than descriptive or aspiring. (A descriptive statement might be, “I regularly spend time in solitude.” An aspiring statement might be, “I want or hope to spend time in solitude.” A prescriptive statement would be, “I will spend time in solitude.”) 3) set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual objectives. 4) consist of objectives that are intended as means of grace rather than assumed. (For example, activities that are part of your normal life—having breakfast, going to work, taking vacation—are assumed. Claiming breakfast time for lectio divina, listening to worship music while driving to work, or planning a vacation for rest and spiritual renewal would be examples of activities that are intentional.)

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