Why Facebook’s content moderation strategy unethical?

A large amount of content uploaded to Facebook each day contains misinformation, sexual content, and disturbing imagery. Because its automated filters are insufficient to catch every case, Facebook Inc. relies on large numbers of human staff to review content that is flagged for violations on their platforms. Without these moderators, users of the Facebook platform (and other services owned by Facebook Inc., such as Instagram) would be exposed to a great deal more problematic content. But, because of the nature of this content, many of these moderators have reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder from their work. Recently, Facebook agreed to a $42 million (US) settlement, awarding each moderator who is diagnosed with similar conditions a minimum of $1,000 (US) in compensation and expanded therapeutic treatment options. You can read an article about this settlement and its background here: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/12/21255870/facebook-content-moderator-settlement-scola-p tsd-mental-health Is Facebook’s content moderation strategy unethical? Why or why not?      Further Instructions To do well on this assignment, you must: ● Pick an answer to the question.​ Your essay should clearly indicate the position you will be arguing for in a thesis statement in the introduction. ● Justify your answer with ​ethical​ arguments. ​Your essay must present a case for why the answer you picked is correct, rather than simply asserting that it is. Your answer must take a stand on whether something is unethical or not; essays that only argue for why something is or isn’t legal or prudential will not receive full marks. ● Apply ​at least ​one ethical theory.​ Your arguments must use at least one ethical theory to defend your answer to the question. You must briefly explain the theory you are using, how it applies to the case at hand, and why it supports your answer to the question. ● Consider ​at least​ one objection or alternative perspective.​ In the course of presenting arguments for your answer to the question, you are expected to consider alternative answers or potential criticisms of your answer. Present and evaluate the arguments that someone defending that alternative perspective might make. Explain why those arguments don’t work, or why your position is better. Try to respond to the best possible arguments for the alternative you consider. ● Spend the majority of your essay developing and evaluating arguments.​ Do not spend too many words summarizing the facts of the case. Briefly introduce the topic, tell the reader what you are going to argue for, then present your arguments and respond to objections.Assignment Formatting Checklist ppt2

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Why Facebook’s content moderation strategy unethical?
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