Hindu Believe System

1. The essay shall be in response to the questions handed out by the instructor. This assignment will be based on your readings and lectures for the class. 2. The citation format of the written assignments shall follow the MLA style (Chidester: 31). 3. Your essays are to be typed, double-spaced with numbered pages and NO title pages. 4. Peer reviewed sources only 5. Papers submitted after the assigned deadline will be assessed a penalty of 10 points for each late day. 6. No Plagiarism 7. Work cited Page must be included MLA style  Topic of essay (it would not let me post the whole thing on the topic section)-  What are the fundamental principles of the Hindu belief system? What are the two opposing strands of performing one’s duty and seeking liberation in Hindu cosmology? What is the significance of each in Hinduism? What is the relationship between Moksha and immortality? What is Hindu belief concerning karma after death? Answer your questions keeping in mind the key terms: Dharma, Karma, Samsara, and Moksha.

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Hindu Believe System
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