Cultural or Spirituality Diversity in nursing


Complete Issue Analysis Paper (200 points) In this paper, you are asked to pick any topic that was discussed in the textbook and/or discussion boards throughout the course.  You will use the grading rubric below to cover all elements for this paper (each section of the rubric should be a heading for each section-see bulleted list below.) Introduction Current Challenges and Opportunities Issues and Analyzing Factors How Issues Affect Healthcare and the Profession of Nursing The Role of Nursing:  Management and Responses to _______(the issue). Conclusion  You are not talking about your association in this assignment.  Rather, you are talking about the TOPIC in general (i.e., change process or communication, etc.). Topics may include: Mission and Structure Economic Structure Health Promotion Cultural or Spirituality Diversity Leadership Management Change Process Communication Political Advocate Holistic Healthcare Or another topic from the textbook (do not use theories)  It is expected that you use references from the textbook and outside resources in your paper, appropriately cited in the paper and referenced in the reference section. APA Format:  This assignment will be handed in via an attached Microsoft Office Word Document in formal APA Format.  Please refer to your APA Publication Manual 7th edition.  Heading levels are discussed in Chapter 2.  It is expected that an appropriate Reference page and proper in-text citations will be used throughout the paper. Please refer to chapters 8, 9, 10, & 11 for complete examples of references and in-text citations.  You will be expected to provide page numbers but you do not have to have a running head.  This is something that changed in APA 7th edition.  Turnitin:  This paper is automatically submitted to Turnitin and is evaluated for plagiarism potential.  Turnitin compares this assignment against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between your assignment and existing works.  Your score will serve as a warning indicator only and you will be able to see your score.  It will also tell me if you copied your paper (or parts of it) from other students and gives me the other student’s name.  TurnItIn Scoring Explained Scores below 15 %= these papers typically include some quotes and few common phrases or blocks of text that match other documents.  These papers do not require further analysis. Scores between 15-40%= these papers include extensive quoted or paraphrased material, or they include plagiarism.  These papers will be reviewed to determine if the matching text is properly referenced. Scores over 40%= there is a very high probability that text in these papers was copied from other sources.  These papers include quoted or paraphrased text in excess and need to be reviewed for plagiarism.   Grading Rubric for Issue Analysis Paper (200 points): Points Possible Criteria 30 Clear introduction and at least 2-3 paragraphs clearly defining and describing the selected topic 30 At least 2-3 paragraphs clearly discussing current challenges and opportunities related to the selected topic (see textbook first as they start you with ideas and then supplement with outside references) 30 At least 2-3 paragraphs clearly describing the issues related to the topic and analyzing factors/concepts that impact the topic (examples of issues to include are societal, legal/ethical, communication, change, economics, cost, information technology, health promotion, political, and intra/inter-disciplinary issues, etc.).  Use what you read this semester and relate it to your topic  30 At least 2-3 paragraphs clearly discussing how these issues affect healthcare and nursing as a profession 40 At least 2-3 paragraphs clearly defining the role of nursing and describing the potential nursing responses and management of the issues with your topic 20 Clear summary of the topic and concluding paragraph 20 5-7 pages with cover page & references, using references from class readings.  APA format, grammar, spelling. Submitted by the due date, uses page numbers, references, in-text citations, and appropriate level-headings throughout the paper. Try to avoid using first-person words like I, me, or my, you, we, in the paper  Turnitin below 40%

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Cultural or Spirituality Diversity in nursing
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