Essay 4: Literary Analysis

Directions: For Essay 4, you will interpret the literary work The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. That is, you will give your reading (interpretation) of some significant passage, character, setting, or event in the novel. Make sure to be specific; don’t respond to everything in the novel. In a literary analysis, your goal as the writer is to provide textual support (i.e., cite the novel) for your thesis (main claim). For example, you might argue that Gatsby is the embodiment of the American Dream or, more specifically, the American Identity. If that’s your argument, then you’d have to define what you mean by “American Dream” and how Gatsby demonstrates that (i.e., cite the book). Also, why is such a claim significant? You might alternatively argue that there are three pairs of characters in the book who are parallels to each other. Either way, use plenty of details and examples to explain your ideas.   Make sure to spend some time pre-writing (brainstorming, freewriting, or mapping) in order to discover what you know and don’t know about your topic. Then, if you wish, do some light research on your topic; if you do, name your source(s).   When you use an outside source, mention where you got the information in the essay. Always give credit where and when it is due. Otherwise, it’s plagiarism, intentional or not. You must cite Gatsby at least twice in support your thesis.   Essay 3, like all papers, should be typed, double-spaced throughout (don’t add extra space between paragraphs), contain 1” margins, and be 2.5 pages long. The first draft may be a little shorter.


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Essay 4: Literary Analysis
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