Problem Solving in Community Health Care Settings

n 1,000-1,250 words, identify two dilemmas that community health care providers face in planning research with clinical populations. Be sure to address the following for each dilemma in your paper: What typically initiates the need for a new research? What are the ethical issues? How would you handle these? Be specific in your analysis. Considering the ACA Code of Ethics and the ACA Competencies for Addressing Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling located in the Topic 7 materials, how would you handle a client population with a Christian worldview? Why is research planning needed and what are the essential components? Be sure to touch upon each of these elements: research certification, justification for research with special populations, and type of research method used. How might the outcome of research impact new policies and procedures? Use a minimum of three scholarly references.Topic 7 Rubric_Print_Format

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Problem Solving in Community Health Care Settings
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